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Importance of Sustainable Gold Ecosystems

by Chirag Sharma
Importance of Sustainable Gold Ecosystems

There are many countries in Africa that are rich in gold reserves that needs further exploration prior to production. Sometimes extracting reserves is not as complicated as in the case Artisanal & Small Scale Gold Mining. However, as the mining potential and volumes increase, there is a need for these junior miners to have access to better resources.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sophistication of mining techniques in the areas of extraction, processing, assaying, storage and secure transportation
  • Access to additional working capital to increase production capacity and efficiency
  • Access to funding to enhance the on-site infrastructure for the miners such as security, healthcare facilities, food, clean drinking water, hygiene, roads, and the list goes on.
  • Integration of technology and equipment to make better informed decisions
  • Access to a sustainable supply chain to finance or sell their produce with minimal complexities
  • Ensuring that mining activities are free from all forms of human rights and environmental abuses
  • Securing a fair price for their produce as near to global gold prices

Working directly with an international off-taker i.e. a trader who can engage in long-term purchase agreement; will help realize the aim of building a sustainable gold ecosystem.

This results in benefiting the countries economy and enhance their global reputation. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Creation of skilled jobs
  • Contribution to the nation’s GDP and attracting FDI
  • Central banks and Financial Institutions can diversify their reserves by procuring gold in local currency to support local gold buying initiatives
  • Governments can optimize the use of their gold reserves to secure funding in times of national emergencies and crisis
  • Gold reserves held by country may assist in stabilizing local currency fluctuations vis-à-vis the most sought after USD foreign exchange

Our expertise has been derived from visiting many mining conferences, exploration and mining sites across Africa, CIS and South America.

We have assisted the junior mining companies with long term offtake agreements, partnership as shareholders, funding their infrastructure and working capital requirements and enhancing their technological & mining production capabilities.

We have also advised Governments for their gold reserves management and managed Central Bank Gold procurement and sales.

Whatever a junior minor requires, we have the experience and services across the entire supply chain.