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Watch Out for Fake Gold !!!

by Ali Canbaz
Watch Out for Fake Gold !!!

With the fact that gold starts to be used as a means of payment in the clearing system as money, and as a jewelry, it is the choice of women as a jewelry, as well as the counterfeiting dimension of the business.

While fake gold abuses are seen in the cendrafi group products, which are primarily investment products, the jewelry group can also be seen in the products and the investment product in mini nuggets.

In this fraud, of course, it is the last consumer victim in the first place, while it is on the victim list in jewelers.

Producer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, each of which is anywhere in the sales cycle of gold products, can experience victimization. At this point, it is a professional obligation for all stakeholders to fulfill their responsibility. In addition, it has become inevitable to take the necessary measures and the necessary measures of the Chamber and association administrations to which these stakeholders are affiliated.

The fraud on yellowing, which has been the subject of a lot of complaints in recent days, has become annoying or not. We know that many associations and chamber heads are suffering in this regard and that they have taken measures to minimize this complaint element in their area of responsibility.

The most important task falls on the jewelers when buying fake yellowing products released by the calpases. Because it is not possible for the citizen to understand whether the product he bought is gold.

Again, the fact that jewelers are selective when buying products from wholesalers and that they do the necessary physical control, scales control, voice control and, if any, the device and control stages will protect both themselves and their customers from victimization.

As AgaKulche, we sell mainly garrafiye products, both in the Marketplaces and on our own page, In the process of supplying these products we sell,

  1. Physical control,
  2. Libra control,
  3. Voice control,
  4. We pass through the control stages with the device.

Again, for the jewelry group of the products bought and sold by the jewelers, and for the garrafi group, we strive to be the solution of their troubles in this regard by offering the gold analysis test devices we import to the service of the jewelers.

There is a need to produce a solution by the Mint in this regard. A cleaning campaign is essential for the cleaning and decomposition of gold available on the market, which will make the work of the calpazans difficult.

Of course, we want this work to be completely finished. However, this is not an easy task.

   Agakulche, we can understand the fake gold instantly, alman technology, bringing the gold setting devices to Turkey, offered the service of the jewelers. Those who are curious about the details and want to have it can visit