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Boredom of the Gold Investor

by Ali Canbaz
Boredom of the Gold Investor

The economic conditions we have in as a country have led us to years when inflation was high before years. Our people are directed towards investment instruments that can protect themselves, such as foreign currency and gold, in order to secure their accumulation and prevent them from losing value against inflation.

As the demand for gold increases with the day after day, the most important risk waiting for the investor comes to the face of the day as the protection and storage of the gold asset.

Today, although their quantities vary, there is a presence of gold in every home. When the vast majority of these are for jewelry purposes, it is necessary to keep them in the home environment by taking the necessary security measures. However, there are different alternative storage methods for gold, which is taken for investment purposes.

Unfortunately, hiding in the home environment, which is not safe from the father, is not a permanent solution for thieves.

Although having a safe in homes is not a complete solution, at least it makes the job of malicious people difficult.

Again, installing the necessary alarm and security systems in the houses can be a deterrent. However, the stone we cast here must be worth the frog we frightened.

In addition, one of the safest ways is to use banks' rental safes. Of course, there is a cost here. While the rental fees of these safes are collected annually, the cash to be selected is based on the case size ( small, medium, large ), with min.500 TL annually. It changes in the range of 6,000 TL.

But in this costly alternative, the biggest problem is to find a safe. Especially in the following days, it is impossible to find empty safes in banks in central points.

Another method is to keep your existing gold in the bank gold account. In transactions that are in this way, it is no longer possible to talk about a physical presence. Gold in the bank account has now become digital gold. You cannot get it back again or you can get it as a product by paying labor.

Agadigital has launched a new study to add someone new to all these alternatives and to serve customers with demand profits. Customers who wish will be able to obtain a custody service with the assurance of AgaKulche, the gold they bought through AgaKulche.

You will find the details of this new service with details in our next blog posts.