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The Safe Address for Gold Investors .. AgaKulche

by Ali Canbaz
The Safe Address for Gold Investors .. AgaKulche

Question 1: How did gold start in 2024?

On the last working day of 2023, 2063 $ as gold $, today around 2023<TAG1>. When we look at it as ounces, there is a decline. When we look at TL, the price of gold in the last working day of 2023 is 2032 TL and today it is 2070 TL. This is all about the dynamics of the domestic market and the practices in gold imports play a big role in determining these prices.

Question 2: Does the interest of investors continue?

It certainly continues. It continues to see gold as the safest port for the protection of investor tl deposits in the face of market uncertainty and inflation in particular. In recent years, silver has become a good alternative for investors. In the last year, the return of silver compared to gold has been much.

Question 3: showed great interest in public gold in 2023. The Turkish Mint's production in 2023 broke the record.Do you expect this interest to continue in 2024?

We're definitely waiting. The interest in the gold of our people is not new. It has become a reflex that develops over the years. Especially inflation triggers investment. Of course, in international markets, war scenarios and possibilities mean that gold is more valuable and more in demand.

Question 4: What products are investors more interested in? (Sarrafiye, mini ingot, etc.)

The interest in mints products originating from our habits from the past continues unabated. However, the demand for mini ingots is increasing day by day. When we analyze the sales we have made in the last two years, the mini nuggets are outweighed.

Question 5: will interest in gold continue in 2024? What is the expectation in?

It is inevitable that it will continue. War scenarios that change every day around us and the high inflation that continues in our country will lead the investor to gold. Without saying small big, our people will protect their savings with gold to avoid depreciation.

Question 6: Some jewelers sell unpacked towed gold under the name of cut gold. Will there be a warning to the citizens on this matter?

Cutting gold is not a commercial product for the end consumer. They may have problems when they are bought and sold.  It is a product that is open to abuse for different reasons such as being unpacked, not having bandrol and manufacturer information. As far as we know, some chambers and associations have banned the trade of cut gold for the trades that depend on them. The investor who does not want to experience these problems should turn to mini ingots.

Question 7: There is a lot of news about fake gold. What should you pay attention to when buying gold?

The first control system related to fake gold should start the jewelry store. But sometimes he can be a victim of jewelry. The second edition, especially on the topic of sarrafiye, is that many products are circulating on the market. While some of these are suitable as settings and grams, there are many products that are inappropriate and cause victimization. For this reason, the end consumer should be directed to brands and jewelers that know that it is testing safety.

Question 8: What should be considered when buying gold from the Internet?

When buying gold from the internet, security becomes much more foreground. Shopping is very important from e-commerce companies that have proven themselves in this regard. The right product, the familiar brand, the right tuning and grammatical products and most importantly, the safe delivery are the important points to be considered.

As AgaKulche, we provide our customers with insured cargo to reach their orders by paying attention to the security issue from the supply of our products.