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Jewelers' fake gold shortage

by Ali Canbaz
Jewelers' fake gold shortage

Dashane products, which have been among the most demanded product groups by the end consumer for many years, are targeted in malicious people.

While the most demanded product of the trappings group in the gold of the republic is the trappings quarter, the coin group ( The base single ) appears as the most in demand product. We can also add the gold of the rebate, which has been on the agenda since the Ottoman time.

Unfortunately, the products that we count and whose sales are relatively higher to other products appear as products that are targeted in malicious people.

Calpazans are unauthorized to market these products by imitating them in the staircase workshops they set up. Those who do this apply different methods.

It mimics a group of products and releases it as 22 settings. It makes unjustified earnings.

In addition to the unfair gain it has achieved when imitating another group of products, it adds its gain by manufacturing with low-tuning gold.

Worst of all, besides imitating the product, there are those who hold the peak of counterfeiting with gold-plated products.

All these heartworms have absolutely no lust. They all commit a crime. Both the jeweler and the consumer are deceived and victimized.

Although these fake and imitation gold gangs and competent institutions and organizations are fighting seriously, they have not been able to end this business.

At this point, there is nothing the end consumer can do. The main responsibilities are retail stores and jewelery rooms and associations.

It is not enough for jewelers who are the good and expert of the work to be careful only in this regard. It seems that they have the necessary control mechanisms and equipment.

In addition to choosing the companies and people in the supply chain of the stores very well, they must make the control and inspection complete.

Nevertheless, when these are insufficient, this business has been fully developed and the use of gold-tuning controllers that facilitate the work of the jewelers will prevent the victimization of customers both by themselves and by themselves.

As AgaKulche, we have brought the German-origin Gold Analysis testers to this course of our jeweler trades by bringing them to the service of our colleagues.

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