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How Do We Know the Gold fineness?

by Ali Canbaz
How Do We Know the Gold fineness? carat (1000/1000) gold, which is the purest form of gold, in other words, Has Gold, which we see on price screens, is the gold we base all calculations on. However, the gold that can be found in the closest purity to 24-carat pure gold is gold bullion with purity of 995/1000 or 999.9/1000.

Controlling and knowing the settings of the products produced from alloys of different purity, obtained by reducing the purity for the purpose of processing gold, is essential for the necessary mathematical operations.

Producer companies have to write the hallmark of the products they produce by reducing the purity of the pure gold or in a visible place, or write the gold rate in milliem.

For example ;

21 K….875
14K…. 585
8 K….. 333
When wondering how many settings the product in question has for both the retail store and the end consumer, we come across four alternatives.

Stamp Control: With the stamp control printed on the product by the manufacturers, both the retailer and the end consumer can have information. If the information obtained through this control needs to be confirmed or the products inspected do not bear any stamps, we will have to turn to other alternatives.

Control with touchstone and setting water: This method is done by expert jewelers in the store with certain occupational safety measures. The product to be checked is cut due to the possibility of coating and a line is drawn by rubbing the cross-sectional surface of a black stone on the touchstone. The number of lines should be equal to the number of our setting waters. It is waited by applying different adjustment water to each drawn line. While inaccurate settings are deleted in a short time, the line in contact with the correct setting water remains undeleted. This shows us the setting of the product.

Control in the setting house: After certain tests, the settings can be checked in the laboratory environment by melting all the products that could not be obtained with the previous methods, or in bulky quantities. This method is the most guaranteed method.

Control with special devices. Depending on the development of technology, the purity level is determined by controlling the related product with special devices developed for this purpose. However, this method is not very common as it is available in a very limited number of jewelers.