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Jewelry Certificate

by Ali Canbaz
Jewelry Certificate

When we think of jewelry, we think of precious jewels with a special design and precious and semi-precious stones. Diamonds, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc., from ancient times to the present. Unique jewelry decorated with many precious stones, most of which was personal, was in demand. It was used as a family home by people who were willing to pay the price of these precious jewels.

These precious jewels were used by the heirs for many years and transferred to the next generation.

In the past, these products, which were produced by special order and branded masters, were under warranty with the names and signatures of the masters.

Today, with branding, the traces of masters have disappeared and stores have taken their place. Now, ready-made products have entered the showcases in brand stores, and personalized production is no longer available. Moreover, it is possible to find the same product in the same store and in other stores. Of course, in the face of this situation, it has become a necessity to have some information about the features of the jewelry purchased by paying high sums.

Certificate; It is an identity card that contains the features of the product you have purchased. It is regulated by the company that manufactures the product, and in a way it vouches for its own product.

The characteristics of the product are included in the certificates issued by the seller or the manufacturer. There are gram and carat information of gold, the names, numbers, total weights of the stones used, and the color, clarity and cutting information of these stones.

Apart from this, there are certification bodies that give internationally valid certificates to diamond products that have been produced. Certification is carried out with the examinations of master gemologists working here.

As diamonds began to be demanded more and more each day, companies that produce and market the stone to the world began to serve bare stones over 0.30 carat with international certificates (GIA, HRD, IGI, etc.).

Now, at this point, which certificate will the consumer demand or trust?

Firstly, it would be better for them to prefer the stone certificate instead of the Product certificate for products such as solitaire rings, earrings, and necklaces.

For multi-stone product certificates, an international company certificate should be preferred, if any.

In the certificates of the seller company, the trust between the buyer and the seller comes to the fore.

As a result, if we are buying jewelry today, its certificate must be requested.