Anasayfa Blog Our Blog Exploring the Dynamics of the Gold Sector - 1

Exploring the Dynamics of the Gold Sector - 1

by Ali Canbaz
Exploring the Dynamics of the Gold Sector - 1

It is a well-established sector with the historical past of the jewelery sector until today. The industry, which includes many branches such as gold, silver, diamond, diamond and dozens of sub-business lines in these branches, is a natural situation that is obtained and directed by certain decision makers and groups.

Fulfilling the reflection of each one's own existence, leads the sector, produces products, contributes to the time and reveals these missions more and more every day.

General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing House

According to the Presidential Decree No. 4 published in the Official Gazette dated 15.07.2018 and numbered 30479, the printing of metal coins and commemorative coins, the Republic gold coins and the Republic ornaments, the production of official seals, medallions, medals and insignia, all kinds of visa and fee stamps and valuable Printing and management of papers are carried out.

The headquarters of the Mint and Stamp Printing House, which operates as a subsidiary of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, is in Istanbul. The General Management and Mint department, serving in two separate buildings in Istanbul, are located in the Headquarters building in Beşiktaş Balmumcu.

The Stamp Printing House section, on the other hand, has been moved from the old Mint (Darphane-i Amire) buildings in the courtyard of Topkapı Palace, which has been in service since 1726, to the new service building in Kartal Cevizli since March 2012.

Mint is currently the largest producer, as it is the only producer managed by the goldsmiths group bought and sold in the market. In addition, it is responsible for providing the most accurate and reliable official support to the sector in imports.



Jewelery Exporters' Association,

It is one of the 6 Exporters' Associations established under the umbrella of Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters' Associations. It is a semi-public and non-profit organization affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, established by the decision of the Council of Ministers in July 2003. The Association, of which more than 1000 companies are members, aims to help our exporters in order to protect the interests of its members and to increase Turkey's jewelery exports, enabling the sector to reach new markets.

In this context, the main objectives of the Jewelery Exporters' Association are as follows:

To promote the sector better in the international arena,
Establishing sectoral collaborations,
To increase the export volume of the sector by considering the interests of the country,
To guide the export-oriented activities of member companies,
To regulate the professional relations and activities of exporters,
To take initiatives to find solutions to all kinds of export-related problems,
To ensure that foreign buyers meet with the right manufacturers in Turkey.
For these purposes, the Association organizes seminars, competitions, fairs and exhibitions to promote Turkish jewelry products to world markets; Organizes trade delegations from Turkey to potential export markets and purchasing delegations from various countries to Turkey; Cooperates with organizations that can play a key role in achieving the Union's goals; follows the latest regulations in international laws and trade regulations of importing countries and informs its members; conducts market research on key markets and sub-sectors; reports the export performance of the sector at regular intervals.

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