by Ali Canbaz

It is a very laborious and costly task to bring the world of diamonds, which was formed by the effect of high pressure and temperature in the depths of the earth, over millions of years.

Mankind has valued this stone since its first contact with diamond and offered the use of high-level powers as an ornamental tool.

Diamond is chemically composed of the element carbon. Just like coal. One is burnt and charred, the other crystallized.

It is not possible to use the raw (shelf) diamond as it comes out of nature. It needs to be cut in absolute ways or subjected to the treatment of their surface. After the cutting process of old clothes, the product was also called diamond. When it comes to diamonds, it comes in its processed form. The diamond, which started to be processed with different cut shapes at times, started to be mentioned and sold with the structure of the cut shape.

Birth is the most widely used cut type, which we call ''brillant cut'', has a flat top, an arch and the bottom part is like a cone, and has 57 countries. Brilliant Castle is called Diamond.

It is actively used in both segments in today's environment. The old cut, flat bottom and convex cut, is defined as diamond jewelry. These products are processed with 8K gold, a black frame is made with the process we call limitation blacking, and it is encouraged and appreciated in the nearby geography.

Diamond products, on the other hand, work with 14K, 18K gold and are valued all over the world, including operation.

Both products serve different customer profiles and these profiles are seen very different from each other to a large extent.

While diamonds appeal to people of all ages, diamond jewelry is a product group that is heavily demanded by people over the age of 40.

However, one thing is certain; It is for those who work on its two products and are involved with city life. The majority preference of rural people or housewives is gold-intensive jewelry.