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AgaKulche Consumer Preferences

by Ali Canbaz
AgaKulche Consumer Preferences

As AgaKulche, we have left 16 months behind in our retail sales activity. In the past period, we have succeeded in being a company preferred by consumers both in the market places and on our own sales platform.

When we analyze our customers who preferred us within a period of 16 months, we conclude that we provide the necessary trust and service correctly from the repetitive orders of the same customers. This pushes us to work harder and be willing to improve ourselves.

While our first encounters were in popular marketplaces in general, after the trust gained with the service provided, we started to serve more and more customers on our own platform,, with the same customers and their references.

With each order, we get to know our customers better and detailed information about their preferences from the data we have. Based on this data, we look for ways to provide better service by predicting the trends and expectations of our customers, and we create our marketing plans accordingly.

Since the beginning, we have brought together approximately 150,000 g of gold with our customers with over 42 thousand orders.


When we look at the preferences of our customers, 28% of the total gold preferences were in the goldsmith group, while the preference for investment mini bullion was 72%.

As always, Ziynet quarter gold was the most preferred product in the Sarrafiye group with 70%, while Ziynet half gold was preferred 14% and Ziynet Full gold 13%. Ancestor gold preference rate remained at 3%.

In the mini bullion investment gold group

While the share of

1 gram gold is 48%,
5 grams of gold is 15%,
2.5 grams of gold 10%
10 grams of gold 9%
20 grams of gold was preferred at the rate of 2%.
AgaKulche will continue to become more known and preferred day by day. All our plans are to be one of the decisive and leading brands in the retail industry. All our efforts and plans are in this direction…