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Agabullion at Istanbul Jewelry Show

by Ali Canbaz
Agabullion at Istanbul Jewelry Show

Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will be held for the 53rd time on March 16-19, 2023, is the biggest sectoral fair of our region.

It is the manufacturing market of both the region and the whole world, with the region's largest production infrastructure in the jewelry group such as Gold, Silver and Diamond.

Istanbul Jewelry Show is one of the five leading International Jewelry Fairs in the world and offers a comprehensive market and new business opportunities to jewelry professionals from all over the world.

With more than a thousand participating companies, six Halls will be opened to visitors by growing even more this year.

As Agabullion company, we are very excited for this fair, where we will take the stage for the first time with our Agakulche brand. In order to carry our Agakulche brand to the place it deserves both in the country and abroad, this fair and the others are indispensable if not possible.

In addition to our 995/1000 and 999.9/1000 purity Agakulche gold products manufactured by AMR, ranging from 0.5 grams to 100 grams, our silver product group will meet our visitors in 999/1000 purity starting from 50 grams and going up to 1000 grams.

With our global supplier vision structure, minted products of international brands such as Valcambi, Argor, Heraeus, which we supply from abroad within our product group, will also be displayed in our showcases.

T.R. In addition to my mint products, Czech Republic and England Mint products, of which we are the distributor, will also meet with the visitors.

We will also introduce the industry representatives visiting our stand with three different gold analyzers that we imported from abroad. We believe that these devices, which we believe will be a great help for jewelers against fraudsters, will attract great attention.

With this fair, our industry will have the opportunity to make a good start to the season and will continue the same trend throughout the year.