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Tricks in Engagement Rings Selection

by Ali Canbaz
Tricks in Engagement Rings Selection

One of the most important decision stages of couples who are progressing with sure steps on the way to marriage will be to choose a wedding ring suitable for their common tastes.

Of course, it is very important to meet at a common point in the selection of wedding rings. However, in order to reach this point, it is necessary for both parties to consider a number of issues such as the importance they attach to the wedding ring, their daily use habits, and suitability for professional use of wedding rings.

Although both couples initially received wedding rings with enthusiasm, it is often not possible to continue this in pairs over time.

While women can maintain their wedding ring use almost a lifetime, men often stop using wedding rings after the first five years of marriage.

Model selection;

Wedding rings are designed as male and female pairs. While female wedding rings are generally designed as stony, men have that simple appearance.

As of the production technique, it will be necessary to choose from wedding rings produced with different production techniques such as classical wedding rings, apple wedding rings, wedding rings made of hollow rings, CNC models.

Handcrafted wedding rings; it is more flashy, the widest and contains different designs. Naturally, ta craftsmanship is high on the mountain and grams are heavy. They are likely to have trouble for those who have problems with gaining and losing weight. Because it is difficult or impossible to change the size in the apple wedding rings. Again, those engaged in hand-intensive work ( can cause discomfort during the study, especially for gentlemen ). Of course, with its stylish images, it plays a big role in choosing aesthetic postures.

Hollow Wedding rings; They were produced with a different technique in order to reduce costs. They generally contain models of classical wedding rings. It is more suitable as a price because its grams are low. However, the biggest problem with these models is the fact that they are weak against the blows and crashes due to impact. In addition, these models may have trouble changing the measure.

Classic wedding rings; It is the most preferred wedding ring group from past to present. Male and female models are completely the same and offer integrity. They appeal to everyone, regardless of lifestyle, profession group, age. They do not cause trouble in measurement changes.

Metal selection;

Gold: The vast majority of wedding rings are gold and preferred in settings such as 14K and 18K. Settings may vary depending on country habits in different countries.

Silver: It is the most preferred mine after gold. Especially men who do not want to wear gold by faith can choose to make the same model that their spouse likes in silver for men. Silver darkening and softness over time can be a nuisance. Frequent polishing will be required.

Platinum; It is a mine commonly used in wedding ring production. Although it is almost equivalent to gold as a price, its labor is higher than gold. It is resistant to impacts with its hard and heavy structure.

Titanium; It is a preferred mine with its anti allergic feature, natural appearance, very light strength, but high strength. But it can be difficult to find anywhere. It is difficult to change the measure because it is difficult to work.

Color:After the model and mine selection, there is a color selection of the wedding ring.  Our alternatives will be green gold, white gold, rose gold and black gold. Or it is possible to choose many colors together.



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