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International reserves are “those external assets that are readily available to and controlled by monetary authorities for meeting balance of payments financing needs, for intervention in exchange markets to affect the currency exchange rate, and for other related purposes (such as maintaining confidence in the currency and the economy and serving as a basis for foreign borrowing”)

Central banks normally appoint a reserves management entity who is normally made responsible to use their nations wealth to enhance economic growth and purchase in local currency to limit depleting their foreign exchange reserves.

As an expert reserves management entity, we help Central Banks and Governments to manage their gold production, maintaining adequate gold reserves liquidity, developing a gold trading eco-system and mitigating their associated risks.

Our Services:

Insured Secure Logistics

  • Vaulting in most relevant gold markets of London, Zurich, Istanbul, Dubai and Singapore
  • Handling and transportation from origin to liquidation or repatriation of central bank gold reserves


  • Government and internationally accredited inspection and testing partners


  • Refined at accredited LBMA London Good Delivery, Borsa Istanbul and DMCC Dubai Good Delivery standards

Hedging, Trading and Fixing

  • Globally used multi-platforms for FX and gold price fixing to provide the best competitive edge

Access to international markets

  • Seamless sales of central bank gold reserves at prevailing market prices done on a confidential basis
  • Liquidity / Buy Back options
  • Location swaps across global jurisdictions for collateralization
  • Brokerage
  • Reserve option mechanism
  • Physical delivery of bullion bars of minimum purity and weight tolerances conforming to globally accepted good delivery standards

Trading Platform

  • Physical trading desk and 24/7 online platform
  • Variety of precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
  • Competitive real time pricing as per international markets

Offset trade management

  • Offset trade management is the process of procuring products and services in exchange for physical gold without the need of depleting the country’s foreign exchange reserves and using external debt funding.


  • Regulation, Legal and Compliance
  • Market fundamentals of demand, supply and operations
  • Reserves management and asset allocation
  • System integration
  • Risk management

On the Ground

  • Developing gold buying ecosystem
  • Exploration and mining for industrial and artisanal small scale mining
  • Technical experts such as geologists, mining engineers, foreman for equipment handling and so on