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Investment Gold

by Ali Canbaz
Investment Gold

Golds That Carry Darphane's Signature: The Perfect Choice for Both Investment and Gift

The Republican period gold produced by Darphane, who witnessed history, draws attention in both the banquet and coin categories with the perfect harmony of their investment and aesthetic values. Whether you are investing or looking for an unforgettable gift for your loved one; you can find everything you are looking for on our online gold ordering platform.


Handle and Handle-Free Gold: Designs that Suit Every Pleasure

These precious golds, which are presented without handles at mints exits, can also be prepared with handles in accordance with the wishes of our valued customers. These golds, which are especially preferred as gifts and jewelry, are also offered in a wide range with online gold ordering options. You can easily order these products, which are designed to suit all tastes and needs of our customers, from our online store.

'New' and 'Old' Golds in Sarrafi: You Decide

Ziynet and coin gold carry the date stamp of the year they were produced. If the year of production is the same as the year of sale, these golds are in the 'new', if not 'old' category. Every year at the beginning of Ziynet gold, the date change takes place on 29 October, which is the anniversary of our Republic. When you think of it as an investment or a gift, new dated products may have a slightly higher price. However, when ordering gold online, the old dated gold also has its own advantages.

Old Date Gold for Long Term Investors

If your investment goal is long-term, it may make more sense to opt for old-dated gold. Our online gold ordering platform offers investors a wide range of options. It is important to remember that in the last days of the year, new Ziynet gold will pass to the old category at the end of the month.


Online Gold Order: Easy, Reliable and Quality

AgaKulche, which offers a wide range of products under the assurance of Darphane in the process of ordering gold online, is here to help our valued customers with the team of experts in choosing the most suitable gold. To make your investment safely and consciously, visit our online store and start your gold investment journey with www.agakulche.com.

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