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The newest generation of the non-destructive gold testing devices

by Ali Canbaz
The newest generation of the non-destructive gold testing devices

For all elements operating in the sector, it is very important to learn the purity levels of precious metals such as gold or silver and to test whether the metal before us is gold.
Since those working in the production stages in the sector generally work with pure gold (995) and have laboratory facilities, there is not much trouble. However, it is possible to encounter very serious situations on the retail front of the business. Low-calibrated products are gold-plated products manufactured from different metals. It is possible to meet with many different situations, such as gold products with an unknown setting.
The setting of gold is very important for our jewelers, both when buying and selling. There are various analysis methods used for this, but the method to be used should be fast and clean and should not destroy the sample while analyzing. Our jewelers, on the other hand, only use a method that we call the acid test, which is difficult to use and has a low degree of precision. With this method, the setting of the product can only be understood superficially and approximately. We only have to check by scraping or cutting whether the product is plated or fake. This is mostly not accepted and causes commercial loss.
With the developing technology, there is no need for setting water or touchstone anymore. It is possible to reach a much more detailed, easy and precise solution with the gold analyzers of the German GoldAnalytix company imported by Agakulche, a brand of AgaBullion.
Each of the state-of-the-art GoldAnalytix devices works with a separate system.

CaratScreenPen is a clean, advanced and technological alternative to the surface setting (touchstone-acid) process, which we would especially recommend to retail jewelers. The CaratScreenPen, thanks to its sophisticated measuring system consisting of a pen, determines the gold setting of jewelery and other objects made of gold in seconds and non-destructively.

GoldScreenSensor, 10 gr. to 50 g. One of our devices that can quickly and easily check whether the products are coated or faked up to 500 µm without any physical intervention such as cutting or scraping.

GoldScreenPen, on the other hand, can measure ingots, coins, and silverware smaller than 10 grams with high precision and accuracy, without removing them from their PVC packaging.

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