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The challenges of storing gold

by Ali Canbaz
The challenges of storing gold

Gold, which is the choice of investors who want to preserve our long-term savings and benefit from positive pricing depending on the markets, continues without losing this feature.

Physical gold continues to be bought and sold in the market, where different estimates are derived and alternative solutions are offered for gold.

It's like it's encoded in consumers' social energy genes for gold. Habits do not change easily.

The surplus that our people get, turns every penny inside the easiest way and throws them into a pillow by using hard times.

The region where the consumer is located invests in 24 and 22 carat gold-plated bracelets, jewelry and bullion, depending on coding, such as family habits.

After that, it emerges as a problem protecting the clouds we have. The attractiveness of gold as a value brings with it risks and threats.

Finding the greatest dangers and extortion, losing also emerges as another risk. Even thieves have sprung up on this subject.

Although our people produce different solutions, it is not possible for this work to be finished.

After the earthquake reality that we faced again on February 6, 2023 as a country, thousands of destroyed houses, lost lives and people's wealth also lost. The survivors also lost the savings they had with great difficulty.

At this point, it has once again become clear that it is not right to keep the gold, valuable money and other commodities we have at home.

Safer storage alternatives may come up again. In this respect, bank gold accounts and safe deposit boxes, mint gold certificate, stock exchange physical gold custody service, digital gold that has all the advantages of physical gold and does not have to worry about keeping it can be the solution.

Today, you can make direct transfers to your location on corporate banking and industry-specific e-commerce sites. The bank can shop with the gold in the gold entrance and transfer it to someone else. All nice improvements.

The important thing is to evaluate and evaluate these alternatives.

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