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June Gold Monthly

by Kaan Küçükemiroğlu
June Gold Monthly

Gold continues its remarkable ascent, defying expectations set by central bank policies. As of June 24, prices have surpassed $2325/oz, remaining stubbornly above the $2300 mark for nearly three months since their precipitous rise in early April. This resilience comes despite a predominantly hawkish stance from major central banks across the developed world, who are prioritising inflation control through high interest rates.


Central Banks Take a Cautious Approach

The European Central Bank (ECB) stands alone in deviating from the hawkish chorus, implementing a modest 25-basis-point rate cut, bringing rates down from a record high of 4% to 3.75%. However, the US Federal Reserve, the world's most influential central bank, remains steadfast in its commitment to battling inflation. Positive economic data, including a robust job market (272,000 new jobs added in May compared to expectations of 190,000) and a slight dip in inflation (3.3% in May vs. 3.4% in April), might traditionally point towards rate cuts. However, the FED prioritises a gradual approach, hinting at a single potential cut later in 2024. This cautious stance, despite encouraging economic indicators, is a key factor underpinning the continued strength of gold prices.


Resilient Prices Amidst Softening Demand

While the overall narrative suggests a positive environment for gold, there are contrasting trends within the physical market. Major consumer markets like Turkey and China exhibit signs of slowing demand. This could be attributed to the persistently high ounce prices, dampening retail investment enthusiasm. In China, the sole market with a significant premium (around $40/oz), the People's Bank of China, is scaling back its purchases. Türkiye has also seen a drop in demand for gold with new official coin fabrications falling by more than half from around 15 tonnes in April to levels about 6 tonnes in May, making it by far the lowest demand month throughout the year. This decline in demand from major consumers has led some experts to predict a potential correction towards the $2200/oz level. However, many analysts believe strong support exists at that price point, and the overall sentiment leans towards gold maintaining its current strength.


Geopolitical Tensions: A Wild Card for Gold

Adding another layer of uncertainty to the global landscape is the escalating war rhetoric between Hezbollah and Israel. The situation in the Middle East has the potential to significantly impact investor sentiment and could trigger a flight to safety, further bolstering gold's appeal as a safe-haven asset.


Looking Ahead: A Balancing Act

The future trajectory of the gold market remains delicately balanced. The cautious approach adopted by central banks, coupled with ongoing geopolitical tensions, is likely to continue supporting gold prices. However, softening demand in key markets and the potential for a price correction towards $2200/oz cannot be disregarded. Investors should closely monitor these developments and central bank policies for clues about the direction of the gold market in the coming months.

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