Ounce Gold


Buy, Sell, Save, Transfer and Redeem Gold

Thanks to AgaTrade online transaction system you can;

• Buy
• Sell
• Save
• Transfer
• Redeem


By using AgaTrade,


• You can buy and sell 0,01 gram and its multiples gold just like buying and selling foreign currency.
• You can buy gold whenever you wish by using your USD or TRY account, and you can also convert your gold into cash whenever you wish and transfer to your USD or TRY account.
• You do not need to buy or sell gold physically to perform buying and selling transactions through your Gold Account.
• You do not face with any situations like having a short-gram, low carat or old dated gold.
• You can invest in gold without the risk of theft, loss and paying any labor cost.


Gold Account is a type of account with deposit or time deposit account options, which enables the investors wishing to make investment to buy and sell gold in a secure manner.


You can conduct your transactions in the Gold Account in the form of physical gold delivery.

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